New Site Rebrand and Launch

Welcome to the brand new Ben Pearey Photography website. It’s been over two years since my original site was launched under the Poohbah brand at

I was never really happy with the old Poohbah website so a new one was always on the cards – it was slow, a pain to update and didn’t really engage the user. As I was building a whole new look site I took the executive decision to rebrand at the same time. Ben Pearey Photography was the obvious new name. A twist of fate, while building the new site, presented itself in the form of generic top level domains (gTLD). I was given the opportunity to purchase a .photography domain name, moving away for the more traditional, .com, etc. I like the idea of the new gTLD’s as it allows really descriptive domain names and makes the url a lot prettier.

I’ll be updating the site with more and more content over time so keep checking back for updates.

Enjoy the new site.


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